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Yes, I know about the blogroll. It’s a CSS argument I haven’t won yet.

“That which is also” archives are now integrated with the rest of the archives. That day’s blinks are under the posts for that day. It’s a fugly hack, but it’s fixed the fugly hack that was doing the date headers, so it’s only the same number of fugly hacks, rather than more or less. Plus it means I can do cool things later without more fugly hacks.

aqWiki has authentication support (including the ability to add users without mucking around in the SQL) and cookie authentication that actually works. Only collision detection and docs to go before version one…

The Cantrip (The project formally known as PFd4-II) Diary will continue when I’ve finished transcribing the document into SQL. Currently, all my “learning” resource is being spent on devouring the cubic foot of hard-back books (that I’ve never read) on Windows 2k server administration in preparation for the interview on Thursday. (Actually, this is an excuse, since turning the design doc into SQL isn’t learning, it’s just dull, which is why I’m working on aqWiki instead. Besides which since aqWiki is my default brain-dump location I get an instant productivity bonus when it’s actually working properly.

So the “eat your own dog food” theory goes, anyway).

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