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Okay, life’s getting interesting again.

First, I got a phone call that might get me a short term perl/sql contract and net me enough to get out of my current hole, which is nice.

Next, I’ve been whining for a while that one of the memory sticks in my computer has died, leaving me with a mere 256mb memory where once there was half a gig. Then, I remembered that last time I upgraded I was feeling flush, and so bought branded memory. This means it might have a warrenty of some kind…

Indeed it does. Lifetime, even. So I rebooted just to check. 256mb.

So I took out one of the memory sticks, turned the computer on… 256mb.

So I swapped the other stick back in… 256mb.


So I put the other stick back in. 512 again. Woot.

This morning, I was called to be told I have an interview next thursday, which is really quite Neat. On one hand, it might mean abandoning BrowserAngel on a more permenant basis than I was planning on, on the other hand I’ve been waiting for three months now, and I’ve pretty much run out of people who I can borrow money from to pay rent. On the third hand something might be Happening by monday morning, which might render all this speculation void.

TBH, I’m not sure whether I should go for the Sysadmin job (the interview) anyway, since it’s quite a bit more stable than the funding-driven work at BrowserAngel. OTOH, it’s not half so interesting. OTTH, it’s less than half the commute.

We shall see what happens, I suppose.

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