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Eric Garcia – Casual Rex

PI Vincent Rubio may sound like a Sam Spade clone, but he’s really a dinosaur, a Raptor, part of a large (pun intended) reptilian community, which, thanks to modern technology and a good deal of latex, coexists with humanity. Unless there’s a slip-up, humans remain none the wiser.

Casual Rex is a book about Dinosaur PIs. It’s a prequel to “Anonymous Rex”, which was the same premise with a new plot. It’s funny, well written, and well worth your time.

Matthew Baylis – The Last Ealing Comedy

It’s a quick novel of accidentlly becoming an English teacher, and all the problems this entails. Including, apparently, getting arrested. It’s a male chick-fic book, fast, light & witty.

Raymond E. Feist – King of Foxes

Since the end of the Serpent War series, Feist’s output has been largely avoidable. This – and the previous ‘Talon of the Silver Hawk’ – reverses this trend. Still in the world of the Rift War and Serpent War sagas, but another generation down the line. No huge overcoming evil, but lots of little ones.

Jon Courtenay Grimwood – Pashazade: The First Arabesk

More people need to read JCG. You should to. Alternate universe present-day fantasy.

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