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Weblog Engine, Nodes Organiser, Terribly Exciting System.

Epistula is the name of the system behind Aquarionics.
At it’s heart, it’s just a database structure, and methods to access it.


My first website used frames. It was on Geocities. It sucked. It is no more.

The graphics were made in Real3D on the amiga, the HTML stolen from a magazine coverdisc, the text… well, some of the text is around on Aquarionics 🙂 Soon I moved to easyspace (when .net magazine gave me 50mb of space. Twice) and Aquarion: The Website was born.

Aquarion Logo

Aquarion the website was a three-column table with six pages and four subsites, one of which was follow that game, another was Greyscale, one a more personal home site (with a photograpic tour of my house!) with rollovers on the menus, a blue and white colourscheme, and not a great deal of content. It moved from easyspace to netmanor and finally to my home are on BTInternet, by which time I was using Javascript to include the menu system. Ick. It lasted until the end of Decemeber 1999, because on the 27th December 1999, I registered Aquarionics.com

Aquarionics mk1

Aquarionics was born, and with it I started using server side includes. It had all the old content with a new upside-down L navigation system. I started writing a diary, before I discovered blogger via a Sims Fansite and started using it, with gradually nicer and nicer designs…

Aquarionics mk2

The system for Aquarionics worked as follows, The header – containing all navigation – was called “header.shtml”, the footer was called “footer.shtml”, and each file in the main directory (“discworld.shtml”, for example, consisted of the following:

<!-- INCLUDE FILE="header.shtml" -->
<!-- INCLUDE FILE="htmls/discworld.html" -->
<!-- INCLUDE FILE="footer.shtml" -->

Why didn’t I just put the contents of the file in the middle? Don’t know. Glad I didn’t though, it made converting everything to database much easier. Anyway, I continued to blog blog away, failing and passing exams and stuff, until September 2001, when Pennyhost – my host, who had been bought out by a bigger fish – started to suck for support. So I packed up the site, and moved to beehost.net, where I could use PHP…

Aquarionics 3

And PHP I did indeed use, I founded Klind/Klide/Kewl (now known as Epistula) on the foundations of proper webloging, mySQL, and not having to see if Blogger was up all the time.

Aquarionics 3.5

Aquarionics 3.5 is a minor rethink. The diary has been split into being a diary and a weblog, with more sections coming soon. I’ve no idea what happens next 🙂

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