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Since I’ve had my new camera-phone, I’ve been taking random shots occasionally. After a fairly brief stint using Gallery and moblog.co.uk I’ve done my usual thing of writing an Epistula Module to do it a) the way I want it, and b) within my own site. (I started off adapting the webcam module, but that’s bitrotted slightly and was never very good, so I rewrote a whole new thing that uses EXIF data – which my mobile doesn’t do, but my full camera does – and pretty CSS effects.

Anyway, the upshots of this are that to the left on the front page is “That Which Is Seen”, the latest moblog picture, and clicking on it will take you to /moblog, an archive of everything. I need to make the archiving better and make it generate thumbnails properly, but for now this end is working. Next end is the python script to take a piped email and send the graphic and caption to the right places, then I’ll fix the front end properly. Meanwhile, it’s half one and I have work in the morning…

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