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Today, I had two interviews.

Tuesday was a day of Recruiters. I was woken up by a recruiter, I was then phoned by two more in the next hour, one of them set up an interview for a Helldesk role for the following day. I pointed out I already had an interview for that day, but she said I could come in later, which was nice of her.

Wednesday was a day of researching, where I spent most of it learning why I hate Active Directory, which is a simple idea that someone has tacked ‘functionality’ onto in the hope that one day someone will shout “Jenga” so they can start all over again.

Thursday was today, and began early.

I arrived an hour early for my interview. This was almost deliberate. I’d aimed to arrive half an hour early, because then I’d have half an hour to find the place before I needed to be there. The job was at HIBT to be, basically, network admin, help them develop the network, and bring my l33t linux skillz to the department. I think I did fairly well (I hope I did, I find out in a few days).

Then I went to London to talk to the recruiter. The recruiter told me that I should get a suit and a haircut, and rewrite my CV slightly, but that my interview technique was good and the CV was well written (apart from the missing bit). They didn’t put me forward for the Helldesk role (overqualified) but they’ve another coming up soonish.

Then I bought tea (Drury is great) and came home. More stuff to write, but pizza is here.

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