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Since I apparently wasn’t clear in the previous post on the subject:

  1. I stop being paid on the 17th
  2. A number of groups have expressed the intention of hiring me
  3. Neither are able to do so right now
  1. Therefore, as of the 17th I’m unemployed until one of the groups gets the ability to employ me.

    This could take anything from three weeks to – as has previously happened – nine months.

    So, just in case anyone remains confused by the above set of statements, the below expression of paranoia, and the general level of luck I have finding employment, this comes under the heading of being “A Bad Thing” but not as bad as last time.

    I’ve spent large parts of today outside lifting things. First, we had a rockary delivered and me and Brother Two helped unload it. (During this, I mentioned that I’d specifically gone into a career of indoor work with no heavy lifting. He noted that in return for a lack of heavy lifting, I get extra doses of stress while he – who shifts stuff around warehouses – gets the heavy lifting but no stress at all. He does have a point). Later we fetched a van to load my life’s posessions in ready for the moving in bit tomorrow morning, loading it from the piles of boxes that have been sitting in my grandparents’ garage for a month.

    The whole ‘months gap between moving’ thing isn’t going to happen again.

    Admittedly, I said that last time.

    Anyway, so at 9am tomorrow morning we will be signing contracts for the new house. Yay. A week after that my paycheque stops, Non-yay.

    On the other hand, Shaun of the dead opens next month.

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