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Things that have happened in the last five days since ‘Threadnaught’:

  • I’ve learnt that the secret to chocolate sauce is to shake the bottle with the lid closed.
  • Brown shows up on white curtains, seven feet from the table where there was ice cream and a limited amount of chocolate sauce.
    • And the carpet.
    • Also the television, speakers, post and furniture.
    • Do not follow Aquarius blindly when he says “Kernel-image-2.6.4-k7” as your laptop is not a K7 and this won’t work.
    • 686 works better
    • XF86 doesn’t like your laptop much.
    • Project Utopia is Neat.
    • Debian Rocks.
  • It’s a good idea to pay your rent
  • You should remember that you’re getting paid by cheque, and these take four working days to clear.
  • My bank has just decided that cheques now take six working days to clear. The age of communication is upon us, and Halifax is going backwards. May it fuck off and die, and take my overdraft with it.
  • Buying a Young Persons Railcard is cheaper than the discount it gives you for a ticket to Durham.
    • …yet despite already having a Railway Photo Card (for my Letchworth/London railcard) I need another photo card for the YP Railcard.
    • I still don’t deal with photo booths well.
    • Using the advice a model gave me on how to not look like a serial killer in passport photos makes me look like a male model.
      • Who is also a serial killer.
    • Train compains remain morons.
  • RedDragDiva’s Mushroom Thing is really nice.
  • It’s vitally important to take your keys when leaving the office
    • Especially when the following day you can’t get out of the house because your girlfriend deadlocked the door (your keys for which are in London) and the back garden backs onto three other back gardens.
    • The spare keys are in LC’s room, on the dresser.
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