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So, How does someone confused and dazed from a – for him – major amount of publicity reward himself for getting discussed in the weblog community, and thus fulfilling his lifelong ambition[1] to be linked to by Mark Pilgrim?

By going into Borders on the way home from work and spending part of his pay cheque, is how.

That is, at least, what I told myself.

On the bus home, the battery on my MP3 player gave out, so I went into Borders to buy a new pack. On the way in I discovered Iain Bank’s new book, Dead Air. Shortly afterwards I spotted Mil Millington‘s new book, Things My Girlfriend And I Have Argued About. That went into the basket as well. Did I mention I picked up a basket? This was a mistake.

I wandered to the Scifi section, and resisted Robert Rankin‘s new book by turning away from it… and immediately saw Zodiac, the only Neal Stephenson book I have yet to read. *click* Basketwards it goes. Panicking now, I span around only to catch my eye on the book of The Princess Bride. *click*. *ARGH*. The books! They are leaping into the basket! I fend them off with a sweep of my hat, and jump aboard the escalator, into the music section, where the books will never get me…

Mmmmm… CDs….

One Marcy Playground CD later, I’m running for the stairs. I have to get out while I can still pay my rent. NO! A Starbucks! ARGH!!!!!!

I resist. Make it to the stairs, circle the outskirts of the scifi/fantasy section though the mini-store of Paperchase, resisting printed books in favour of a nice blank one I can fill in later… Argh, another thing in my basket… Yet I make it to the cash desk with no further incident, though a Tony Hawk‘s book does try for the kamikaze manoeuvre, but I bash it away with ease. I leave the shop, with a bag of books, sixty quid poorer, and without an AA battery to my name…

[1] This isn’t quite true.

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