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Today, nothing happened.

Sort of.

Today, I awoke at 11:30, went on IRC at 12, and realised I’d missed 2 hours of a production meeting. Bugger. Then, after multiple disconnections and taking 30 minutes to redial into Freeserve (my ISP) I finally took the plunge and did something I’ve been meaning to do for years. I signed up to Demon Internet. Who are better, nicer, techier and *far* cooler than Freeserve will, and can, ever be. Yay.

Then I spent most of the day online (at 1p per minute. Not free yet, but not bad either) updating Delirium, and putting into action Project One.

Project One (As opposed to Project Terra Incognita, or Project Cevearn, or even Project ANN, all of which I’m still working on, just Very, Very slowly) is the general Masterplan described on the siteinfo page, to get Aquarionics running with PHP, mySQL, CGI and other Three Letter Acronyms that are New And Cool. So most of today was spent shouting at my Roxen server, before deciding that I was probably better off going back to Apache, which I already know. Sorry, needless techiestuff, but I’m having fun 🙂

Thirdly I was presented with a magical opportunity to sample lonecat‘s storywriting abilities. Any similarity between styles of stories are entirely co-incidental.. The story is great, fantastic and neat, and I point you to go to lonecat’s website and read it. Now

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