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Nothing happened.

Well, sort of. I went to the Cambridge Posiemeet. I was tickled lotsly, hugs happened, jokes happened, geeking happened. It was a Good Meet, and well done to Rosie for doing it.

Unfortunatly that plus the Nottingham meet plus Other Stuff means I can’t go to the Other Meet I was going to go to this weekend. Which is bad and nasty, because there are people I wanted to see again, and I keep flaking out of the meets at the last minute. *sigh*

NSD launches on Thursday. I eventually wrote Pareidol, the engine that runs it, yesterday in a few hours. It reuses code from the Calendar and Archive systems of Klind, which means I’ve finally got the hang of reuseable code, which is always A Good Thing.

It is built on Shellscript and PHP (No SQL, this time) and will be a wonderful thing if me and Lonecat can keep it running. We have content for a good four weeks, and some spare after that, but I *need* to be writing more…

Still no job, must get arse in gear. I seem to be labouring under the terribe apathy that stikes me whenever I get into this point. Normally by the time I get to the point of apathy over my life, I have a new course, a new year, or a new school to throw me into some kind of life, but this time I have nothing. It all depends on me.

and I need to get my self displine working, or I’ll spend the rest of my life where I am.

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