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Naturally, I did forget something important. Not least my razor, not most my Text Book, my mainly my front door keys. I arrived at the flat at 7:00pm with a security guard to let me into my room


More good news, The New Aquarionics background screws up in Netscape 4 (any version below 4.71, which is what I use)


Add to this my lost credit card (lost before I even left home) and the impending doom of 7 exams spread over three weeks, four of which are this week, and one of which I’ve done, as well as three projects (of which I have finished one) and, lest we forget, my my brother‘s birthday.

oh yes, And a partridge in a pear tree

So how did I spend sunday? Restocking the empty cupboards? Revising? Nope, writing the next part of my Eddings Fan Fiction, Worlds Apart, on my Dad’s Laptop.

I think I’m digging myself a hole here


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