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I’m ill.

In fact, I’m feeling sorry for myself, which isn’t helping anything, but for the last couple of days I’ve been feeling headachy and cottonwoolly and generally urgh. Hence no dramatic and poetic updates in the grand and wandering style that you might except. It has also sodded up my decision to write something creative every day, since it’s hard to think about the flight of dragons while you are considering trepanation to find out if your brain really *has* turned into fluff, or whether it just feels that way.

Of course, I’m also feeling sorry for myself. I’m *good* at that.

I never want to see another query again after the ISGP assignment, I never want to write another line of SQL after the Oracle exam, and if I have to normalize another sheet of paper to the third normal form, I shall scream at someone. I may feel differently next week, but right now this leads to a total absence of work on Aquarionics2 or anything database related (Which – obviously – does not include Stylesheets or Javascript, both of which I’ve been playing with this week). Oh, the stylesheets. Why, the general public ask, so an answer for you:

The design philosophy of Aquarionics is separating design from content, so that in order to create new content I can just write it, and when it comes up here it’s got the design around it, Separating all the colour formatting in the site with the stylesheets seemed the next logical step, plus it’s what CSS was designed for, as well as making the site look more consistent in the same versions of different browsers. Inspiration for doing this came from Sarabian, who does the same thing on a far more basic level (as in, the CSS is a fundamental part of the design, where as here it’s sort of tacked on afterwards) and Eric Jarvis, who suggested CSS as a way to fix the inconsistent box colours in Netscape.

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