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Insomnia. I lay in bed this morning trying to get to sleep (It was 4am) and it occoured me to list the points at which me and Lonecat should have guessed we would become a couple.

So, In no particuler order:

The Karioke Thing.
Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Karioke. And no, she didn’t.
The Movie Audition
At least one person assumed we were at that point, and this was July.
The Poetry
Me? Write Poetry? and then deny it? Naaaaaah
For so many reasons. It was fun
When our signitures matched
This was simply becase there were two lines of the song I *really* liked, and Lonecat was using the other one. Really. I mean this. This was *nod* forshadowing. This was *months* before, FFS! Ahh, sod ya.
When people meeting us for the first time assumed we already were
We were Just Good Friends, Kay? Really.

I think I’d better give up there.

Anyway. Tomorrow I’m in Cambridge for a meet. Neatocoolstuff.

Ruthi has since told me that she guessed in about

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