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Not a lot to report.

I have had an insulting phone call, which accused me of putting up the results of a meeting, but not the following meeting, which I wasn’t at. The results of said second meeting are a 20% loss of marks for the module for me, for missing this meeting. Being told this in this particler way was not in any way faintly amusing. I await the next part of the saga with baited breath. Bastards.

In more creative matters, I have been really busy, without actually doing anything. Or, in fact, getting anything done. My sole contribution to the world so far has been an internal website for the Real World Group Project.

Finally, I’m back to having dreams again, which is an indication of my mental state, probably. (Yes, I realise we dream anyway, but I’m remembering them again now). The person in this dream is one of the last people I would be expecting to dream of. Yes, she was female. No, If you are reading this, it isn’t you. Don’t worry. No, it wasn’t *that* type of dream. Look, if you are going to be smutty, I’ll take my soulsearching to a private site.

Oh yes, Lesson for the week, Never leave your last entry on a website for a couple of weeks as an article exploring the benifits of ceasing to exist. People panic.

I want to go home.

I want to go back to nowhere in the middle of Kent. I want to see my school friends. I want to be *there* to help if necessary, and I want to finally go for a drink with the ex-scrabble club.

Yet i cannot.

I have an outstanding bill for University Fees, already 50 days overdue, for just over a thousand pounds. *sigh*, I can’t afford home right now. I can’t go by trains, because all Newcastle/London trains are being even more erratic than me at the moment. And I can’t leave, because I have a play in a few weeks time.

Anyone who will be in the area of the North East around the end of march, and wishes to watch Aquarion make a fool of himself onstage, mailme.

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