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Today I have learnt things.

Today I got up at 05:00 in order to go to work. I did this because I haven’t done as much work as I hoped I’d do over the past few days (I was off Thursday and Friday and most of the previous week with illness) and wanted a couple of hours to get some changes done before everyone else came in. Plus, if I can convince my company that it’s a good idea, I can work 07:30 to 16:00, rather than 9 – 5:30 (Base-times. As deadlines come closer, bedtimes go further) which means I won’t be travelling to and from London in the heat of the rush-hour, leading to peace, goodwill, and Aquarion being less of a stressed wreck.

I learnt that I can still get up at 05:00, that it’s significantly easier than 08:00, and that I can make tea in the dark (The light in the kitchen is out, and the light cover makes such a horrible noise when you try to remove it that I end up with a headache and still can’t change the retched thing).

I learnt that the world service news is both helpful and informative, that it’s followed by classical music before the Shipping Forecast, and that my ADSL connection is much faster at that time too.

I learnt that there is very little happening in Reading at 05:30.

I learnt that Peek time begins at 02:00 in Reading.

That’s Oh-two-hundred hours. As in Oh-my-god. As in pig’s tail.

This isn’t “peek time”, when people are using the railways. This is “Peek Time”, the period of the day when First Great Western, my FriendlyLocalRailwayCo decide that they can charge 24.90 for a ticket that would cost 16 at any other time. Now, at 8am I can understand this. Hundreds of thousands of people travel though London at Rush hour, and every one of them seems to want to go though London at the same time, and the laws of Supply and Demand mean that prices will rise, in a living example of all those business classes I failed at secondary school. However at 5 am, when the only people travelling are those who are either masochistic or going to catch aeroplanes I find it a little rich.

So, having fixed a couple of bugs, I decide to go visit my weblog, and make excuses for the lack of content therein.

There have been no stories.

That’s it, really. Aquarionics is based on stories, tales, parables and fiction. Most of it is true, exagerated for comic and dramatic effect. I’m not the kind of blogger who goes on series, although I sometimes wish I was. I don’t have a central theme, so I can’t really do the “This is what’s going on in the world of foo” stuff. (I’d like to, but for the most part there are better people doing essays about almost everything I would consider doing that for) (Note the ‘Almost’ thing, however). I considered resigning from the blogsphere, deleteing the domain, moving domain, hundreds of things. I went into the “Aquarionics is too big! All the cool things apart from the weblog are being lost in the words on the front page!” spiral, and somewhat suprisingly found an answer, which I’ll announce when I’ve got it working.

But for the past month there have been no stories. There have been parts of stories, like “The continuing saga of the mould on the kitchen ceiling”, the evergrowing “Aquarion hates commuting” thing, and the Saga of The Hard-Drive. None of which are resolved, and therefore none of which are valid as stories yet. And yet this weekend Shit Happened, and now I have things to say.

Typical, you spend a month waiting for things to say, and then several come along at once.

The first and major thing I want to rant about I cannot say without permission, and until I ask and am given said permission, I’m going to sit and quietly fume. It’s been building up for a while, and before I kill anyone it’s probably worth writing it down. No jury would ever convict me, but having written evidence would probably help.

The others will happen when I write them.

Anyway, Back to work…

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