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I hate HTML4

So, the way I’m supposed to do inline objects is the <object> tag is it? Well, to quote someone famous, Duck that. Of the roughly sixteen million possible attributes it has, six million are just rephrasings of the opposing six million, and the last four million are obscure and pointless. Why is the HREF called DATA or CLASSID anyway? It’s not an id, it’s a URL FFS. Grr. Anyway, so my attempts to do an attachment system were foiled by HTML4 being crap, coupled with the fact that of the mirriad of possible combinations of DATA, CLASSID and whatever, only one works in both IE and Mozilla.

So I went to the other idea, which was to feed the file after sending the right content type. This was easy to program, and as all things that are easy, it didn’t work. IE accused me of being an unrealiable source, and Moz just crashed. Both worked fine with image/jpeg, but borked on application/ogg, which was the problem in the first place.

So attachments are partly broken. Bah.

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