I get quite a bit of spam. Spamassassin catches about 40 pieces per day. I look at most of it, mostly to see what types I’m getting most today. Yesterdays totals were:

  • Misc: 21
    • Leads, 100 Time Dated..FREE! (Cheap pencil refils with best-before dates)
    • Colon Cleanse (Cheap, Clean punctuation)
  • Viri: 4
  • Search Engines: 2
  • 419: 1
  • Unrenderable Subject Lines: 14
  • False Positives: 1
  • Porn: 4
    • TIGHT VIRGIN TEENS ON CAM (Young employees of Richard Branson go punting)
    • free amateur xxx (Cheap remake of Vin Diesel movie)
    • Safe sex with a bored housewife (Be still my beating heart)

But my favourite one is this one:

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Oh geez, not another
miracle diet pill!”  Like you, I was
+skeptical at first, but
my sister swore it helped her lose 23 pounds in just four weeks,
so I told her I’d give it a shot.  I mean, there was nothing

Because the code – which Mutt displayed, not being a HTML Mail reader – was like this:

Meaning that Spamassassin failed to catch it because it contained the words “miracle diet pill”, and was resorted to… lets see…

Spamassassin good. I like Spamassassin 🙂