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God was watching Bob.

Bob was painting a church.

The church was a poor church in a village of rich people, it had enough money to buy a single – though large – tin of paint. Large though the tin of paint was it wasn’t nearly enough to paint an entire church with, so Bob found some paint thinner and poured it in, and began to paint the church.

And God watched Bob, and Bob painted the church.

And after a while, Bob realised that there was no way that even this thinned paint was going to paint the entire church, so he bought some more paint thinner, and tipped it in. The paint didn’t get nearly the ammount of coverage that it did a little while ago, but Bob resolved that he could always do two coats.

Bob wasn’t really very bright.

And God watched Bob, and Bob painted the church.

After doing a bit more, Bob discovered that once again he was going to run out of paint, and so once again he wandered off to the hardware store, and once again he added more thinner to the paint.

At this point Bob was more washing the church than painting it, but still.

God watched Bob, and Bob washed the church.

Another hour passed, and Bob realised he was going to run out of paint again, so turned to go back into town to pick up some more thinner. God finally decided that enough was enough, and with a crash of thunder in an otherwise cloudless sky created a huge pyramid of tins for Bob to redo the church.

“Repaint!” declaimed God, “And thin no more!”

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