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I move in on Monday. It’s Saturday. I should be packing. And I am, putting everything neatly (and not-so-neatly) into archive boxen and loading it outside my room.

In the process, I have also completed the move of Afphrid to it’s new domain at http://www.afphrid.org.uk (Thanks Pol for setting it up), fixed a number of bugs in some other code, and had an attack of “On this day in history”.

The results of this were that I got out a Zip Disk labeled simply “Old Web” which contains a whole bunch of old designs for Aquarionics. At some point I’ll put some online so you can see how far we’ve developed since then, in the meantime I’ve added loads of stuff that has previously been thought lost in the move from Pennyhost to here to the new Vault section of Misc. Go see.

I’m happy, I’m writing stuff (even if it is just Usenet, it’s properly planned and executed full-length things), I’m *moving*, something is actually *happening* to my life. And I haven’t felt so happy in over eight months 😀

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