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Okay, I’ve been thinking about yesterday. I have a feeling I’m not alone in this. So I’m going to put some things down.

I didn’t feel helpless yesterday

I spent yesterday on an information high, TV to my left, six IRC channels, Radio and at least three browser windows open at all times, watching and waiting for the latest developments in New York. Feeding out fact and rumours, feeding each channel with the confirmed facts from the others, and watching whilst others analised the information. I’d like to think it helped some people keep up to date with what was happening, and it certainly let me able to deal with it. I don’t actually know very many people in well NY. And none that I know worked in the World Trade Centre. Within a couple of hours the people (Or rather person – Hi Sam) who I know there had checked in, so to speak. And I drifted from channel to channel, picking up facts.

I don’t analise. I’m not saying “This will me World War III”, nor “Who did this?” I’m passing on the information, and leaving you to make your own minds up.

The thing that irritates me was the reaction of my own country by this. Which was, in brief, “Argh, someone is attacking them!” followed by “Oh no, someone might come and attack us! Quick! Shut down the airports”, followed by “We support the USA in whatever they do. Please, can we lick their boots clean again sometime soon?”

Bah. All Governments Suck.

Meanwhile, back in the middle of nowhere….

Due to an admin error on my part, I didn’t get any work done today or yesterday anyway. I did some minor design work, and I wrote the Klide Archive system, as well as the Link To This Entry page (See the new lozange at the arse-end of this entry)

I still haven’t phoned Sunderland. I’m still scared. And I still haven’t written anything new. Sorry 🙁

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