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This afternoon, at 9am NY time, the worst terrorist activity ever began on New York. Others can cover this far more thoughally than I could ever do, so I give you extracts from one IRC channel’s coverage of the events. There is a Text log available (Also in HTML). These are extracts from that, with added bits from other places.

"In the City of God there will be a great thunder, Two brothers torn apart by Chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb" , "The third big war will begin when the big city is burning" - Sombody on #news, ircnet, misquoting Nostradamus, See below.

Second Plane Impact
[14:07] [Carol] Plane crashed into world trade centre

[14:13] [Aquarion] [Two Planes] Have just crashed into the World Trade Center

“Expect the middle east to be flattened shortly.” – Kuro5hin

[14:13] [Aquarion] BBC News just gone into Emergency mode

[14:23] [Aquarion] Both planes were hijacked in Boston

[14:25] [Aquarion] BBC Dip-ed. Four days ago, the US issued a world wide alert.
[14:25] [Aquarion] They knew *something* was going to happen.

[14:25] [Aquarion] …swift retalitory action against whoever they thing is responsible…
[14:26] [Womble] Shoot first, ask questions later
[14:26] [ccooke] yay! it’ll hurt less if we kill a few more people!

[14:38] [Shivetya] ‘they say’ Pentagon is on fire as well
[14:38] [Aquarion] Well, buildings behind the pentagon
[14:38] [Aquarion] No, the *actual* pentagon.

“An explosion rocked the U.S. Capitol today even as plumes of smoke billowed from the Pentagon today after several eyewitnesses told ABCNEWS they saw a plane crash into the building.”

Towers aflame
[14:40] *** Sam has joined #afp
[14:40] [Aquarion] Sam is in NY, for those who don’t know
[14:40] [Sam] I can see the smoke from my room 🙁

[14:46] [Aquarion] “Radical Islamic Group”?

[14:47] [Aquarion] […] 1k injured
[14:48] [Rhys] plus however many were on the planes…

[14:51] [Rhys] ‘nother explosion at world trade center
[14:53] [Aquarion] Oh fuck
[14:53] [Aquarion] Yes, it was the south tower

First Tower Collapses
[14:56] [Aquarion] We can’t see for the smoke
[14:56] [Sam] the sky right above me is blue. then rapidly, grey to black towards Manhattan. it smells outside and I just saw a cloud of ashes fly past my window. I’m fucking scared.
[14:57] [Thomas] oh god.. the south tower is the tourist one 🙁

[15:02] [P-work] Shoot them down *with* passengers in?

[15:03] [Aquarion] …Eradicate this evil…

[15:06] * Martin is relieved to hear from friends in New York

[15:08] [Aquarion] Eyewitness reports:
[15:08] [Aquarion] “You were walking, or driving?”
[15:08] [Aquarion] “I was running”

[15:16] [Womble] “car bomb outside US State Dept”, says the BBC

[15:17] [Rhys] “My father works in the World Trade Center. I woke up this morning from a phone call from my aunt, who told me about the attacks. I was so scared that I couldn’t even react to the news. I had to wait about ten minutes but my dad finally called; he and my mom woke up late this morning so he wasn’t on time for work. ”

[15:18] [Sam] gah. just heard a plane overhead and freaked

2nd Tower Collapses
[15:20] [Sam] AHH the other tower collapsed

[15:21] [Womble] Sam: Are you sure?

[15:22] [Sam] I’m positive
[15:22] [Sam] I just saw it happen live

“[simon_777] people *did* get out of the seccond building. My currnebt client (sun microsystems) have offices on teh 35th and 36th floors. Appernetnly acording to an internal email. all are safe and accounted for. ” -#news, ircnet

[15:30] [Martin] this is like living in a Tom Clancy novel…

[15:33] [Sam] another plane crashed by Pittsburg? argh

[15:36] [Aquarion] Israel is evacuating it’s embassies

[15:44] [Aquarion] Yasser Arafat has condemed the attacks – “Terrible and Unbeliever”
[15:44] [Womble] Gosh, really?

[15:54] [Aquarion] My god
[15:54] [Thomas] nick?
[15:54] [Aquarion] Pictures of WTC2 collapsing

[15:59] [Aquarion] 10000 people dead (mtv3, finland)

[15:59] [P-work] tamara: Depends. The pilot may have thought that crashing into the top of a tower and sticking there is slightly better than coming down unpredictably-somewhere-else-populated.

Washington, 4pm BST

“Defcon 5 =- peacetime.. Defcon 4= readiness (as in cold war), defocn 3 = war alert ready to mobilize, troops recalled, defcon 2 = active war state, defcon 1 = nukewar”
“Defcon2 confirmed!!!!!!!!!”
“Defcon is *not* public Knowlage. All Defcon status reports will be *rumours*, FFS people.” – Aquarion, ircnet

[16:32] [Aquarion] I wish they’d stop showing that footage.
[16:32] [Womble] me too
[16:32] [KinkyWork] which bit?
[16:32] * hippo feels sick : bbc just shown the plane crashing into the 2nd tower
[16:32] [Womble] yeah, that
[16:32] [Aquarion] That bit

[16:32] [Rhys] it’s just unbelievable. i mean, things hit and on fire yes, but the world trade centre simply _isn’t there_ any more

[16:40] * Aquarion wonders about Stephen Evans
[16:40] [Aquarion] His broadcast got cut off as the 1st tower collapsed.
[16:41] [Rhys] aq: oh that guy who said “hello…wait, there’s another expl…[EOF]”?

Reports from the scene
[16:43] * mike sighs at a post on metafilter: “if you look at how they fell, they fell absolutely straight down and that says that there were explosives rigged already in the tower and they wanted it to look like a result of the crashes. the first crash was to get the cameras rolling. the second crash was to introduce. and the bombings were to ice the cake. right now a 2nd hijacked plane is heading towards the pentagon as i type this. THIS IS WAR.”
[16:44] [Aquarion] mike: The towers were designed to fall straight down. Should they fall at all.

[17:12] [Aquarion] *sigh* Why do I feel that at any moment Jeramy Beadle should pop up and say “Hah! Fooled you!”. *wish*
[17:13] [thom] it feels like that should happen. that this is just a goddamn *joke*, a ridiculous hoax, with puppets and models and cgi.

[17:16] [pol] This is some seriously bad stuff

[17:19] [Aquarion] All other news has now been suspended until further notice
[17:19] [ccooke] aqua: ?
[17:20] [Aquarion] The tory leadership contest, the TUC stuff, and most everything not .us based as been suspended until they have a chance at airtime
[17:20] [ccooke] understandable.

[17:27] [ccooke] aqua: any more news/confirmations/denials about the one heading to london?
[17:28] [Aquarion] None
[17:28] [Aquarion] None even *mentioned*, all planes that the FAA mentioned are accounted for
[17:29] [Aquarion] And if *anyone* belives that a plane due to fly from Boston to NY would make it to .uk, I have a new fuel tank to sell you.

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