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Today, I was on the train.

This is not an extraordinary thing, really. I spend between an hour and two hours on trains every week day (depending on which trains I manage to catch). I was using my laptop (Well, work’s laptop) as an MP3 player (Tell laptop not to shut down when the lid closes, turn on iTunes, put laptop in backpack with headphones plugged in, listen, occasionally wishing I could access iTunes with bluetooth so I could do “Next Track” from my phone) and prance merrily on my way.

Except I was on a train, so I was coding (work, regretably. I need to finish this project before I leave) whilst listening to the music, so I nearly didn’t notice that we were passing Hitchin, so I had a few minutes to pack up before we hit Letchworth – my stop.
At this point, for the first time in my history of commuting to and from London, the ticket inspecter tried to make his way down a packed commuter train.

Normally they know better than this, since all the trains from four ‘til six have people sitting in the aisles. This one didn’t, so a couple of minutes fumbling for the ticket and photocard, and we were pulling into Letchworth. Panic!

Shut laptop, shove in bag, get coat, put in earphones, stand up. And the earphones. Come out. Of the Socket meaning that the laptop plays the current track on full volume. Said track happens to be Liposuction by Da Vinci’s Notebook. Not ideal for saving face in a commutor environment. This would have been better if I hadn’t accidentally done that another twice. Argh.

So, in conclusion half a train full of commuters I’ll see every day for the next month or so now think I’m a fool. Still, could have been worse

But the MP3 of the week is neither of those. It’s a band I can find no mention of anywhere on the InterWeb, which is kinda freaky as I have to assume they don’t really exist. So, to introduce you to these people, who are good, the Little Screaming Pilgrims, Better Sideburns

Same deal as ever, they’ll be gone next week.

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