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  • This is wrong on oh so many levels

    And yes, yes it is wrong on quite a few levels. As someone who had his 15 minutes and then faded back into the obscurity of a Z-List blogger, I’m going to tell you exactly how your blog will get noticed:

    Write interesting stuff, read interesting stuff, be interesting.

    Okay, so pinging Technoarti et. al. isn’t going to hurt your existence any, and will mean that people read the interesting stuff you write, but if you build it, they will come. As for ‘hanging out’ with your fellow bloggers down in the ‘hood, I’d like to agree with Burningbird, who described it as “Groupie Behaviour”, and it is. The only web logger with a higher rank than me that I hang out on any kind of regular basis is Stuart of Kryogenix, who I’ve known for ages before either of us started this. And if I thought that people were hanging out with me purely so I could sprinkle some magic pixie dust of popularity upon them (Not that this could ever happen, I have the blogological clout of an invisible feather duster) I’d be irritated and annoyed.

    Lesson ends.

    I apologise for the creation of the travestry of the word “Blogological” above. It was cruel and mean, and I’d like to express my sincere regret to the english language as a whole for this blight upon its good name

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