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So, that’s the end of Movable Type, then. It’s a shame to see it fold quite this early in the revolution, but then again it leaves the market open for a whole new world of…

Oh, you haven’t heard?

Six Apart released the pricing plan for MT3, which sets the price of a multiple author version of MT to range from $69 to $600. The free version will only support one author with up to three weblogs.

And yes, I can see Mena’s point about needing to fund development of it, but I think that the new free version, which actually has less than the previous one (TypeKey is about the only new feature 3.0 offers, the rest is backend stuff) is a mistake. Uborka, for example, couldn’t happen with the new version, neither could the various ghettos of people using a shared installation of MT, and these were the advantages that MT arrived with.

Ah well, I shall retreat within my nice, cosy Epistulated walls where the nasty funded companies cannot harm me. Not that I’d object to people paying me to develop Epistula, but I can’t help but feel that this particular U-Turn may not be the best of all possible moves for Six-Apart.

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