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(From a comment I just submitted to the BBC Bloogle Story that everyone is talking about)

I run an online journal (I hesitate to call it a weblog, I hesitate even more to call it a “blog” because the word isn’t one I like) which discusses such things as weblogs (ahh, navel gazing), the news, the state of the Nation, as well as Wot I did On My Holidays.

Most of this isn’t journalism.

You can say weblogging isn’t journalism if you like. You can also say “writing isn’t journalism”, or “Talking isn’t making speeches” or even “Hurting someone isn’t war”, and you would be equally correct, and win awards. Go You.

But some of hurting people will be over war, some of talking is spent making speeches, and some of weblogging is journalism. Writers for the newspapers, magazines and other journalistic outputs also have weblogs, where they are able to write something that doesn’t conform to what the leaders decide is the Official Position.

Equally, some weblogs are unsubstaniated piles of something nasty, but then again so are some “proper” news articles, pick your swings and take your places on the roundabout.

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