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Take two. Hoping Blogger doesn’t swallow this one whole too.

The first of January 2001 was the first aniversary of the uploading of Aquarionics, the next generation of the website of Nicholas ‘Aquairon’ Avenell. That year has seen six total redesigns (plus another five you will never see) several fantastic ideas that never worked, and a couple that did. I have enjoyed every moment (of the site, anyway) and hope that one day the site will find it’s feet, and my life will be lived on a sandy beach while it rakes in the money.

I spent the last four days in the south of wales, on a mountian, with some of the nicest people you would ever meet. The aim was a new years party, and a new years party did we have. and a half. There was drinking, pubs, power-cuts, playstation, Chez Geeks, Gerbers, sleeping on sofas, Cinnimon Cookies, CCookies, Cake, Drink, Karaoke, Drinking Games, Candle Torture, Sheep, 7am conversaations about glasses, Supermice, Pool, Cats, Leher, Trains, Planes, Automobiles, Life, Universes, Everything2, More playstation, more drinks, DVDs, Buffy, and Tricked Fishtanks.

It was absolutly, wonderfully fantastic, and I want to do it again.

Thanks to Gid & Suzi for organizing it, and to the various members of AFP who attended for making it so 🙂

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