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This week has seen a surfeit of blackberries in my life.

There is a blackberry bush that runs the entire length of the field near Casarufus, and the branches are currently heavy with ripe blackberries, waiting patiently for us to pick them. So we did.

Thus we have had blackberry and apple crumble (Yum, and far better than the last crumble I helped make ); blackberry, mango & banana smoothies (I bought a blender. Now we blend); Blackberry and apple pie (Both the blackberry and apple things were LoneCat), Blackberry sauce for ice cream (also nice) and more variations on uses for fresh blackberries than you could shake a bramble at. And we’ve still got more blackberries.

In other news, I bought The Sims last week. This is part of the reason why I’ve been somewhat lax in updating (Also because I have City of Heroes, Locomotion, Neverwinter Nights, Shaun of the Dead, Futurama, A project due in two weeks and a cold). You’ll be hearing all about my sims in due course, I expect, although it’s annoying that they took out the “Family web-page” feature, although I think I was the only person ever to use it to attempt to create FOAF profiles for my sims…

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