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So, it’s Monday morning, It’s oh six hundred hours (And what does the oh stand for? Oh my god it’s early) and my alarm starts playing Moulin Rouge at me. So I turn it off.

So it’s Monday morning, It’s oh seven hundred hours (And what does the oh stand for?) and my alarm plays Moulin Rouge at me, So I get up, wander downstairs where cc is still up. Wander back up; shower (oooh, warmth. The heating in Project Geekhouse isn’t working at the moment, and I was freezing); shave; dress; check e-mail, weblogs, newsfeeds; collect MP3 player, coat, jumper, keys; leave. Start listening to MP3 player. to cash machine, withdraw money, Co-Op: Orange Juice, Breakfast Bar; Bus stop: bus, one week rail card, wait. Fire-station: get off; Walk down Parkside, to Drummer Lane bus station. It’s 0820, bus due 0845, may be 0900. Wander to HMV to buy a book to read. HMV opens 0830. Wander around block. Wander into HMV, which is now open. Find books. Choose book. Remove headphones. Hear music.

Uh-oh. Nice music. Like music. What ho, Good HMV salesperson, what be this fine compact disc that doth send my ears into a world most divine, where angels sing and play harmonica? (or words to that effect).

“Lemon Jelly’s New Album”, quoth the salesman.

Searching…. found L…. Levelers… Lemming Dance… Lemon Jelly. Cool, Psychedelic. Take to counter.

“Nah,” quoth the salesman. “That’s the old album. Still worth buying, though”. And with that, he exits his safe den of salesmanship to sail the seas of the shop floor, finding the newer album in seconds. And confusion doth invade my mind, for what is to be done now? I have a book and a CD in hand, but not the CD I found so pleasant to the ear. Yet I also now have the CD I found so aurally positive

What the hell, quoth the Aquarion, I shall buy them both.

So he did.

And thus did the world rejoice.

Lemon Jelly is very, very cool.

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