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You must have seen them, Anytime a community decides it has enough members it creates a code that is un-identifiable as anything unless you feed it into a certain web page.

My collection is below

“Forget Quotes, Lets have some unidentifyable codes!”- anon, RIP

—– Begin Geekcode block ———–

1998: GCS/LS/PA d+(-) s+:+ a— C++++ U? P+ L !E W++ N+++ o? K- w+++++ O- M? V? PS+ PE++ Y+ PGP- t+ 5- X– R tv++ b++++ DI+++ D++ G e* h! r y?
2000: GCS/PA d+(-) s+:+ a– C++ L++ P+ E- W+++ N+++ o K w+ O- M- V- PS PE Y+ PGP+ t+ 5 X- R/+ !tv b++++ DI+++ D++ G++ e h+ r– y?
2002: GCM/GPA d+ s+:+ a– C+++ U+++ P+ L++ E- W+++ N++ o>++ K w+++ O- M V- PS+ PE- Y+ PGP++ t@ 5 X R tv b+++ DI++ D+ G++ e+ h r++ y?

2004: GCS$/PA d s+:+ a– C+++ L++$ P+ E— W+++$ N+++ o K w O- M>++ V- PS+ PE- Y+ PGP++ t+@ 5++ X R+ !tv b+++ DI++++ D++ G++ E+ h- r++ y?

2006: GCM/GCS d/+ s+:+ a- C+++ L++++ U++ P++ E- W+++ N+++ o K w O- M++ V- PE Y+ PGP++ t+ 5+++ X+ R++ tv b+++ DI++ D++ G++ e+ h+ r% y?

2008: GCM/GCA d+(-) s+:+ a- C+++ L++ P+ E— W++++$ N+ o++ K w O– M++$ V- PS++@ PE Y+ PGP++ t 5++ X- R++ tv b++ DI++ D++ G++ e+ h r- y?
—— End Geekcodeblock ————

—– Begin AFECodeblock ———–

<!– AFE dg- ka+ d++ m++ ot++ b+ tq- i++ c+ l afec++ a>++ f++ fsET –>
AFE dg+ ka+>- d+>++ m++ ot++ b+ tq- i++ c- l afec++ a++ f++ fsET

—— End AFECodeblock ————

—– Begin AFPCodeblock ———–

AFP Code 1.1a
1998: AC/APA-UK d+ s+:+ a– u+ R++ F++ h+ p- OS++:+++ C+++ M– pp— L+ c B+ Cn PT– Pu68+ 5 X– MT+++ E+ r++ y?
2000: AC/APA-UK d+ s+:+ a- U++ R++ F++++ h P- OSU–:++ C++++ M pp++ L+ Ia* W+ c++ B+ Cn-::+++ CC2000+ PT Pu50 5- X– MT+++ eV r>+ y?
2002: AC-UK d+ s+:+ a- UP++ R+ F++++ h P! OS:+ C+++ M pp+ L+ Ia** W+ c- B+ Cn-::++:+++ CC-:-:-:++:++ PT+ Pu41 5 X– MT+++ eV++ rp+++ y?
2006: AC d/+ s+:+ a- U+++ R+++ F++++ h P– OS+:+ C++ pp+ L+ I+ W+++ c++ B++ Cn+ CC+ PT+++ Pu? 5+++ X MT+++ e+/++ rp y?

—— End AFPCodeblock ————

—– Begin Gothcode ———–

21/09/01: uYiiba3qaZaaiaaabbaa34e$FSPZu_nZfvfibZab1aaaTb5c4Gca5iGaqmqmceaiaNc#B!blpk5aaarNbqiUGZHelaabaqgbKent

—— End Gothcode ————

—– Begin Britcode ———–

H—;– a– s++;++ hb- b- m- y X P- S- M++ R A- C— T— TV+ Ci Mu++ Am+ Ac— B+++ V-

—— End Britcode ————

—– Begin Legocode ———–

DU++(3) FS-(@20) FB?(0) HM-(0) BV-(0) TO++(5) BO-(1) TR+++(0>>>) PA?(0) SP+(3) CA++++(10) PI-(5) AQ–(2) MT?(0) TC++(3) MOC+(!) S LS– Hsu A– YB81m

—— End Legocode ————

—– Begin Magiccode ———–

MCH/O S+++ W++ N++ PCH/SG+ Ds !Dd !Dr A a C+ G- Q- 666– Y

—— End Magiccode ————

—– Begin Blogcode———–

2000: B7 d++ t++ k++ s u f i++ o++ x+ e+ l+ c–
2002: B8 d++ t++ k+ s u f i+ o++ x+ e+ l+ c–
2004: B9 d++ t++ k+ s+ u f i+ o++ x+ e l c–
2006: B9 d++ t++ k+ s u- f i+ o++ x+ e+ l c–

—— End Blogcode————

The Aquarionics CODE!

AQ- = I do not have an Aquarionics code
AQ+ = I Do have an Aquarionics code and this is it.
AQ? = What the hell is an Aquarionics code anyway?

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