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Ah well, another year goes past and I’m not nominated for a Bloggie or anything. I shall withhold my disappointment and carry on with a tear in my eye…

The amount of ways I’m screwed has decreased by three since my paycheque cleared today, which lead to me being able to get to work this morning, always a bonus.

On the minus side, we have a governmental inspection tomorrow to prove we actually exist and haven’t been Dot-Coming the money for the last six months.

…and winamp starts playing ‘Our House’

House has gone away. No more empty houses in Letchworth, back to flats. I want a house, damnit. Three weeks and counting until we become homeless. For the second time – for me – in twelve months.

I’d love to be able to regale you with new content, but the most amusing thing that happened to me recently was losing my glasses.

I wear glasses all the time, because I’m obviously defective and lazy, and have done since I was about 10. My first pair of glasses I left on the roof of our car when we were on holiday in France, and left them there. Forward, reverse, crunch. Since replacing that pair I’ve worn glasses almost constantly, and until a couple of years ago, this was partly because not wearing my glasses gave me acute agoraphobia, which led to a general reluctance to take them off when outside. My method of countering this is to walk home from work despectacled once in a while, which meant that not having my glasses annoyed me, instead of sending me into a panic.

I found them. Eventually. Apparently at 2am I’d put them on the windowsill to my bed’s left, instead of the usual place on the right, and they’d fallen off and slid under the bed. It took me about 4 hours to find them – on and off – while my 21” monitor sat at 640×480, I tried to stop being taken to court, and I got the message as posted yesterday that I was no longer moving house.

Yesterday, in a very real way, sucked.

Fortunatly this is a fairytale that ended happily, since not only did I find my glasses and my watch (Which has been missing so long it was still on Daylight Savings) Pol & Supermouse decided they needed Emergency Pie, and since the best pie shop in the world is in Reading (It’s called “Sweeney Todd’s”, it’s next to a barber shop, and it serves Good Pie.

After this there was Tea, conversation and pimping of good books, and they went home and I went to bed.

And now I’m going home.

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