Imported From Epistula Moving to Letchworth Personal

Lines of Communication

Our garage door is broken, one of the wires that allow us to open it has snapped, leaving it jammed open.

So I phone our letting agents, who phone our landlord, who says she’ll get the builders to phone me.

Nothing happens.

So I phone our letting agents, who phone our landlord, who says she’ll phone the letting agents, who phone me.

Nothing continues to happen.

So I phone our letting agents (imagine about a days gap between every paragraph break here. The door has been broken a week now) who phone the landlord, who phones the builders, who subcontract out the door repair to “Acorn doors”, who tell the builders to tell the landlord to tell the letting agents to tell me that they’ll phone me on tuesday to arrange a time to fix the door.

If that doesn’t happen, I’m to phone the letting agents.

Imported From Epistula Moving to Letchworth Personal

Casarufus as The Sims

Following the grand tradition I’ve rendered our new house in The Sims again. Took a while, mostly because I can’t do it in game, as none of my Sims could afford to live in a house with so much stuff…

gentoo Imported From Epistula Moving to Letchworth


So, I’m reinstalling Gentoo on my desktop in the hope that this time I’ll stick with it. I’m getting quite good at going though the install sequence, although since they did major revisions in January and my boot disc was from 2002 I’ve spent some time translating stuff for the new world.

Oh, and Java failed to compile last night, but it was fixed this morning, so that’s all right then.

This has given me a unique oppertunity to discover what the web looks like from lynx, since it’s the only browser I can use whilst the compile is happening. Somewhat to my suprise, Aquarionics works quite well (As do most – but not all – CSS based designs), though ATI lose points for making their “Which driver” dialog javascript dependant, so I’ll have to do that from X. Grr.

Today, whilst Gentoo was compiling, I went shopping. This was primarily to buy things, but also to explore Letchworth. I’ve lived here for three weeks now, and this is really the first time I’ve actually explored the place. It’s nice. It has a great mix of generic branded shops (Dixons etc.) along with the little single shops that I prefer. This means that I’ve acutally mangaged to conform with my oft-intended “Support your local trader” ethos, and get stuff from butchers etc. rather than picking it all up at Sainsbury’s. The primary benefit of a supermarket is that it’s all in one place and you can get everything at once, but since both me and LC are constrained by what we can carry on our bicycles anyway bulk isn’t a useful attribute, so getting stuff in individual shops is actually easier.

Letchworth also has a shop which I fear will be my undoing. It’s called “David’s Bookshop”. It sells both first and second hand books, is next to “David’s Music” which does the same for other media, and contains an Aladdin’s cave of stuff that made me glad I didn’t have much cash on me. As it is, I escaped with merely an old copy of the Good Housekeeping Cookbook (A Real Cookbook. One that tells you how to roast a shoulder of lamb, make dumplings and cook bread rather than a thousand and one uses for olive oil) and an Oscar Wilde complete plays volume. This, I feel, is me getting off lightly since last time LoneCat went in there she came out with a complete set of Agatha Christie books in hard-back.

Oh, and I found some gloves. They’re slightly too small, have embroidered snowflakes on them, and look slightly silly. They do, however, enable me to retain the ability to bend my fingers after cycling to town and back. This is meant to be spring, damnit. It shouldn’t hail on me while I’m cycling…

Imported From Epistula Moving to Letchworth

Yay lack of dialup

Typical. The day NTL are due to install the Whizzy Cool broadband connection, I manage to connect to the wireless network of some random person who lives nearby and who, apparently, can get ADSL.

Yay onlineness.

Imported From Epistula Moving to Letchworth


So, we’ve moved then.

A 4am start on Saturday got us into our new house at about 10:30am, two transits full of stuff arrived, and we still have boxes everywhere.

The new house doesn’t get ADSL, but does get NTL cable, which may be a problem (Running mail servers from cable modems is not fun) but will be an Education.

The new house is glorious. It looks like this:

Our house

Imported From Epistula Moving to Letchworth

Early bird catches the worm

There is a special hell reserved for South East Trains who have chosen tomorrow as the ideal weekend to stop all trains between TFT of Paddock Wood and London. In fact, I will have to catch a bus.

I hate buses.

And, because buses take longer than trains, in order to get to Letchworth by 09:00 to sign the contracts, I’m going to have to catch the bus that allegedally leaves TFTPW Station at 05:20

That’s twenty past five in the morning.

On a saturday.


Oh well, at least I’ll have a house.

(This, By the way, Is Journal Entry 1337. Phear me, for I am L33t!)

Imported From Epistula Moving to Letchworth Work

Unwashed cleaned up

Since I apparently wasn’t clear in the previous post on the subject:

  1. I stop being paid on the 17th
  2. A number of groups have expressed the intention of hiring me
  3. Neither are able to do so right now
  1. Therefore, as of the 17th I’m unemployed until one of the groups gets the ability to employ me.

    This could take anything from three weeks to – as has previously happened – nine months.

    So, just in case anyone remains confused by the above set of statements, the below expression of paranoia, and the general level of luck I have finding employment, this comes under the heading of being “A Bad Thing” but not as bad as last time.

    I’ve spent large parts of today outside lifting things. First, we had a rockary delivered and me and Brother Two helped unload it. (During this, I mentioned that I’d specifically gone into a career of indoor work with no heavy lifting. He noted that in return for a lack of heavy lifting, I get extra doses of stress while he – who shifts stuff around warehouses – gets the heavy lifting but no stress at all. He does have a point). Later we fetched a van to load my life’s posessions in ready for the moving in bit tomorrow morning, loading it from the piles of boxes that have been sitting in my grandparents’ garage for a month.

    The whole ‘months gap between moving’ thing isn’t going to happen again.

    Admittedly, I said that last time.

    Anyway, so at 9am tomorrow morning we will be signing contracts for the new house. Yay. A week after that my paycheque stops, Non-yay.

    On the other hand, Shaun of the dead opens next month.

Imported From Epistula Moving to Letchworth

The Great Move

Okay, so we move into the new house on Saturday morning. The last six months of only seeing my SO at weekends (And hardly at all since christmas), two months of dealing with all the hassles of getting a new house, and one month of living out of a box with my parents and brothers will soon be over. I will have a room again, a house again, a girlfriend again.

Then things will be better.

Sortly after that is the crunch period at work, which may or may not leave me still employed. Either way would be better than now, when I’m not actually making a profit on having a job.

So then things will be better.

Right now, though, the final screw is being twisted by my old Landlord, who took our old house off the market just after we moved out. Our letting agency failed to take either a gas or electricity meter reading. Since they no longer have the keys, they can’t do this now.

This means that the final bill from our gas and electricty is an estimated bill, and is on the high side of astronomical, and I can’t get it to a real number because I can’t get a meter reading.

Love moving house. Do it every year. Stress free.

Free as in beer.

Imported From Epistula Moving to Letchworth Personal

Me upon my pony on my boat

The idea was that headers should go with weeks.

You may have noticed (Those in RSS readers may have not) that the header graphic for Aquarionics changes weekly. I spend a fair amount of time designing these things, and a major reason why I don’t like full-text feeds is because every page ends up looking the same.

But anyway.

The picture is a good example of why I’m a designer and not an artist. There was, at one stage of the design, a small child upon a pony on the boat, but since my ability to draw boats is a couple of thousand times better than my ability to draw ponies, which in itself is far above my ability to draw people, you get the boat.

It’s blue. You’d need somewhere else for other coloured ones.

The origin is a little obscure (Although it’s obscurity pales in comparison to some of those in the next few weeks), as it comes from a song I’ve never heard, which was covered by a band who’s music I like a lot, Eddie From Ohio. The original song is by Lyle Lovett. You can listen to the EFO version here

So why now?

Because I plan ahead. And, in this case, I was three weeks ahead when I queued this. Last week I was supposed to have a major work deadline (Which happened, but not in the way it was going to) and also have just moved house (Which didn’t) (Grr), both of which were going to cause Aquarionics to retreat into more of a personal journal for a while as I was probably going to be on holiday from work and dealing with house-issues while that happened. It was going to become more about me, thus a self-centred tagline. See? I do calculate these things.

Sadly the housing thing didn’t work out (Status on that is that we’re still filling in forms and waiting for references). I didn’t plan to wander off for four days without posting, either, that sort of just happened. Most of the stuff that’s making my life interesting right now is unbloggable, partly because it’s deathly dull, but mostly because it’s either work ($foo came onto the market a couple of days ago, it’s pretty close to what we’re doing) or something I don’t want online (under this category would fall ‘breaking the law’, for example) (No, I haven’t broken the law) (Probably) (Actually, I’ve forgotten the password to a shell account, so I could be arrested for that)

So, I’m living with my parents and brothers again. Yay Life.

Imported From Epistula Moving to Letchworth


That’s it, I’ve left Reading.

Ah well, another house bites the dust…