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The idea was that headers should go with weeks.

You may have noticed (Those in RSS readers may have not) that the header graphic for Aquarionics changes weekly. I spend a fair amount of time designing these things, and a major reason why I don’t like full-text feeds is because every page ends up looking the same.

But anyway.

The picture is a good example of why I’m a designer and not an artist. There was, at one stage of the design, a small child upon a pony on the boat, but since my ability to draw boats is a couple of thousand times better than my ability to draw ponies, which in itself is far above my ability to draw people, you get the boat.

It’s blue. You’d need somewhere else for other coloured ones.

The origin is a little obscure (Although it’s obscurity pales in comparison to some of those in the next few weeks), as it comes from a song I’ve never heard, which was covered by a band who’s music I like a lot, Eddie From Ohio. The original song is by Lyle Lovett. You can listen to the EFO version here

So why now?

Because I plan ahead. And, in this case, I was three weeks ahead when I queued this. Last week I was supposed to have a major work deadline (Which happened, but not in the way it was going to) and also have just moved house (Which didn’t) (Grr), both of which were going to cause Aquarionics to retreat into more of a personal journal for a while as I was probably going to be on holiday from work and dealing with house-issues while that happened. It was going to become more about me, thus a self-centred tagline. See? I do calculate these things.

Sadly the housing thing didn’t work out (Status on that is that we’re still filling in forms and waiting for references). I didn’t plan to wander off for four days without posting, either, that sort of just happened. Most of the stuff that’s making my life interesting right now is unbloggable, partly because it’s deathly dull, but mostly because it’s either work ($foo came onto the market a couple of days ago, it’s pretty close to what we’re doing) or something I don’t want online (under this category would fall ‘breaking the law’, for example) (No, I haven’t broken the law) (Probably) (Actually, I’ve forgotten the password to a shell account, so I could be arrested for that)

So, I’m living with my parents and brothers again. Yay Life.

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