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I’m going to Bath to see LoneCat, and then on to Plymouth to see Teut, so I won’t be around much this weekend. As you may have noticed, there has been a slight redesign of the front page to fit in the People section, although this is now violating my personal thing of not putting anything permanant on the left-hand side. It does fit in with the general Aqcom design of having links in this section there, though.

Anyway, Second bit of news, Sarabian (He of the continually evolving dellah.com and messages here) has become a father for the second time, as Baby George is born

Also on the news-of-people-who-I-know-and-post-messages-here front, Aquarius has done a complete overhaul of his site, with a node-based and commentable new structure.

Anyone pointing out the similarities between Aquarionics, Dellah, Kryogenix and Avocadia will be pointed at and laughed at.


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