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I have now watched I, Robot.

As a sci-fi movie, it is not awful, although it contains a few points where my brain was attempting to knock on the door of my subconscious pointing out a number of reasonably large plot holes. Will Smith is good in it, Wash is good as the robot, and the actiony bits are nicely done.

Also, I like Audi TTs, and it appears that in the future, everyone drives Audi TTs.

Also, in the future there will be robots.

As an Asimov story it provides weight to my Hollywood Is An Environmentalist Conspiracy argument, which I will expand in Pareidol at a later date.

(I have a week’s worth of Pareidol ready, and a further week scripted, and two weeks after that plotted. Go go gadget Aquarion)

I also watched Heist this week, which was a movie far too interested in the twists and turns of its plot and not enough in the details of the plot itself. I assume it resolves eventually, but my rented DVD crapped out four minutes before the end, leaving the plot unfinished.

Not, incidentally, a problem I, Robot would have suffered from, apparently the entire population of LA worked on it.

The credits, however, were at least shorter than the trailers at the start. Also, it forces you to watch not only the Movie Studio Idents, but that bloody “Piracy Is A Crime” thing. Argh. I’m willing to bet that every single movie pirate in existence strips that. Those watching pirated videos will never see it, like the people who will never be troubled by copy protection because they use pirated games, it’s inconveniencing the wrong people entirely.

(The reason for the title is that what became “I, Robot” was originally a film called “Hardwired” and that and the rights to I, Robot got mooshed together as an, I quote, theoretical tenth story to the original book. The More You Know. (Swooshing star))

Other things I’m watching right now (This Entry Brought To You By Lovefilm and the number 3) is mostly Las Vegas, because I caught an episode while staying with my parents a little while ago and liked the look of it. It’s reasonably mindless and action packed, and has Nikki Cox, which is something of an advantage.

Beyond that I’m mostly writing Pareidol, playing Oblivion and occasionally coding Breakfast. Oh, and LARP. Life continues.

Also, via Miss Maluple herself, Shiny Happy Monsters, which is greatness.

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