Every so often, it occurs to me that Dungeons and Dragons models an extremely schizophrenic variant of competence.

“I use Vicious Mockery on the guard”

“Okay, you fire off a stream of insults which [Clatter] hit him square in the psychosis, dealing [Clatter] 19 psychic damage and knocking him prone. Crying, actually”


“Okay, I’d like to track where the goblins went.”

“Roll on Nature?” [Clatter] “The ground is some kind of dark brown stuff. You doubt the existence of trees”.

And then I have days where..

[Clatter] You rewrite the app notification code. All the tests pass. With this and the database optimisations, test is running 55% faster.

[Clatter] You have flooded the kitchen, the water is blue, the washing machine is still locked, and now your socks are wet.

So maybe it’s not so far off.