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Okay, so we move into the new house on Saturday morning. The last six months of only seeing my SO at weekends (And hardly at all since christmas), two months of dealing with all the hassles of getting a new house, and one month of living out of a box with my parents and brothers will soon be over. I will have a room again, a house again, a girlfriend again.

Then things will be better.

Sortly after that is the crunch period at work, which may or may not leave me still employed. Either way would be better than now, when I’m not actually making a profit on having a job.

So then things will be better.

Right now, though, the final screw is being twisted by my old Landlord, who took our old house off the market just after we moved out. Our letting agency failed to take either a gas or electricity meter reading. Since they no longer have the keys, they can’t do this now.

This means that the final bill from our gas and electricty is an estimated bill, and is on the high side of astronomical, and I can’t get it to a real number because I can’t get a meter reading.

Love moving house. Do it every year. Stress free.

Free as in beer.

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