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This is the second type of tea.

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More low flying babies

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Good morning. There’s something special about today, but I can never remember what it is. Ah well, someone will remind me, I’m sure.

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Dylan. Not the rabbit

For various reasons, none of which I’m going to explain here.

The MP3 of the whatever.

Eddie from Ohio, covering Bob Dylan’s Don’t think twice

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Lonecat has just explained that she doesn’t love me anymore.

so I’m a little upset. I may not be a sane or rational human being for a little while.

2003 Christmas Imported From Epistula love

Lonecat's Christmas present has arrived

The Saga Of The Christmas Gifts will be told at the weekend, when it ends.

Lonecat's Present

2003 Christmas Imported From Epistula love Personal

Burnt Offerings

I’ve done it.

I have succeeded in the impossible. I have beaten my previous culinary record.

Last night, I managed to burn boiled potatoes.

Okay, I’m being unfair. I’m normally quite a good cook, when I’m paying attention. In this case, however, I bunged the (tinned) pie into the oven, waited a little bit, put the water on to boil, waited a bit, put the potatoes on, and went to my computer to wait a bit.

At this point, I was hit by an epiphany that solved one of the biggest problems I’ve had this week.

What the hell do I buy LoneCat for christmas?

The important thing is to not have a repeat of our first christmas, where we both got each other the same thing, so I’ve made a resolution not to buy the present from Amazon. Actually, I accidently made LC make this resolution, but since I know what I’m getting now, she’s released from it, since mine isn’t.

So, I started the scouring of the internet, which is seperate from both the scouring of the shire and the scouring of the pan I burnt the potatoes in. I discovered that the thing I actually wanted can cost anywhere between 50 pence and 19,000, depending on where you buy it.

The one I’m getting is neither, obviously.

So, I spent a half hour wandering though places looking for this item, instead of – say – draining, assembling and eating dinner. Then I smelt something. ‘Aha’, said my senses, not quick on the uptake, ‘Roast potatoes’, followed somewhat rapidly from a Four-Weddingsesque litany of curses as I dunked the saucepan into cold water, dumped the burnt offerings on the plate, cut off the burnt bits, dumped the burnt pie on the plate – burning my fingers in the process – and sat down to eat.

I only hope I can get hold of the thing in time.

See, darling, the sacrifices I make?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a frowny lightbulb to deal with.

Imported From Epistula love Moving to Letchworth Personal

Medium Distance Relationships

Woot, Yay, and expressions of excessive joy.

I’m back to a medium distance relationship despite living with my girlfriend. Woot. yay. Great.

The thing I was going to rant about, yet wasn’t allowed to, was this: LoneCat, my girlfriend, has been attempting to find a job ever since she completed her masters degree just over a year ago. The very fact it’s taken her this long to find one is a damning statement about the economy and everything, but this is something else. For the rest of this article I’m going to assume that her parents are never going to read it, which may be stupid, but I’m going to do it anyway. Her parents don’t really like the fact that she moved out. Can’t deal with it. Their reaction to this is not to do as my parents did and deal with it, but to rearrange things so she moves back. This rearrangement takes the form of applying her for jobs around Bedford (where they are, which is about an hour north of London. We live about half an hour west of London. For comparison, it takes about 45 minutes to get from the station we come into to the station to get to Bedford).

This has now worked. LoneCat starts work, as of tomorrow morning, in Letchworth, which is just south of Bedford, for a week. If this works out, she will be there full time. During this, she will stay at her grandparent’s house. If it works out, she’ll move back in with her parents until we can both move somewhere new, like Stevenage, which is between where she works in Letchworth and where I work in Kings Cross, London. The notice on this place is two months, which means that if she gets the job – and I’m fairly sure she will – we will be in a Medium Distance Relationship where we only see each other at weekends. In other words, back to how we were last year.

It looks like I’m moving house again, then. Considering we moved into this place in Mid-May (after moving out of Cambridge on April 1st) I can’t help but feel this is a little soon. Not that I particually like this flat, or anything. It’s just…

I’ve really got nothing to complain about. It sucks more for her than for me, esspecially since she’s playing half-rent on a place she’ll only see two days a week, but I thought when we finally moved in together that would be the end of the whole ‘Weekends Only’ thing.

So, anyone know anything useful about Stevenage?

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Aquarion & Lonecat

How did it begin?

How does anything? We first met at the Clarecraft Discworld Event 2000, and I first saw Lonecat posing for a photo. I then spent the rest of the weekend calling her Rosemary.

Later that year Lonecat held a meet at Durham ([photo|report]) which I arrived – late – at (Friday was a UFie meet, Saturday the AFP one) so we actually met and spoke, At the New Years party we were both at we kissed at midnight, and I caught the cold she was having problems with…

And so 2001 began, and with it, really, our friendship. Through channel and query we got to know each other better, and soon became friends, discovering we are, in fact, the same person in disguise. And so when Neil Gaiman came to London on a signing tour, it was only natural that we would be there. And since the AFPMovie auditions were going to be the next day, it was logical for us both to crash with Chris overnight. And since Chris was going to a Karaoke bar on Monday night it was even sensible for us to remain in London so we could go too. And LoneCat found a very effective way of stopping me doing Karaoke. She kissed me. And so I kissed her back. And I started to entertain the possibility that this might be able to go slightly further than Good Friends. But it couldn’t, because she had a boyfriend.

We shared a tent at CCDE, and remained oblivious to the scores of people trying to match make us together. And we kissed again, and I stopped again, because she still had a boyfriend. But when Carl and Lonecat split up, we had a discussion. Then a week to think about it. And then, on the 26th August 2001, At Aquarion’s Own Kentmeet, Aquarion and Lonecat gave in to the AFP Dating agency.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Or at least, another article

So now Lonecat is my girlfriend, and I love her lots.


Updated 2005-Feb-27:
LoneCat is no longer my girlfriend. I still love her lots, but she doesn’t love me anymore.

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Things Me And My Girlfriend Argue About



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Oh, and tuna

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