Tradition 2020

The first version of Aquarionics Dot Com went up on the 27th December 1999. It was built in hand-written HTML, had an “innovative” navigation system that included javascript files so I only had to update them in one place (and was, thus, entirely not navigatable by search engines) and wasn’t really very good. It was basically a reupload of my existing site from my free hosting.

One of the pages that still works from that era is the Codes page. Back in the usenet era, it was common to have incomprehensible “code blocks” that described your personality problems to four decimal places, and I collected loads of them, put them in a Marquee tag for reasons best understood by my 18 y/o self, and uploaded them black onto a dark cyan background, thus: The 1999 Codes Page.

Every two years since, I’ve updated my “Geek Code”. The Geek Code itself hasn’t been updated since 1996, so basically this is an archive of what geeks twenty three years ago – and counting – thought was important enough to be your biography. The original geek code site by Robert A. Hayden has long since gone to the great availability zone in the sky, but nothing ever leaves the internet really, so it’s archived at too.

So, as is traditional, the updated geekcode:

GCM$/GAT d--/d+ s+:+ a C++++ UL++++ P+ L+$ E-- W++++ N U+ K w O-- M+++ V- PS+++ PE- Y+ PGP++ t+ 5+ X R++ tv b+ DI-- D+ G+ e++/* h--- r++ z?

And you can see it alongside all the updates of the last 20 fucking years.

The main things I notice in the above is a continual reevaluation of what I actually *do*, a gradual shift further left politically, and the gradual decline into fury and then apathy of my opinion of Dilbert.

However, for the first time, what that actually means, officially decoded:

Geek: GCM$/GAT

I’m a geek of Computer Management (I get paid for this).

I am a a geek of All Trades.

Dress: d–/d+

My t-shirts go a step further and have a trendy political message on them.
… and …
Good leisure-wear. Slacks, button-shirt, etc. No jeans, tennis shoes, or t-shirts.

Shape: s+:+

I’m a little taller than most.
I’m a little rounder than most.

Age: a

I’m between 30 and 39.

Computers: C++++

I’ll be the first in line to get the new cybernetic interface installed into my skull.

Unix: U+

I not only have a Unix account, but I slam VMS any chance get.

Unix Linux UL++++

I am the sysadmin. If you try and crack my machine, don’t be surprised if the municipal works department gets an “accidental” computer-generated order to start a new landfill on your front lawn or your quota is reduced to 4K.

Perl: P+

I know of perl. I like perl. I just haven’t learned much perl, but it’s on my agenda.

Linux: L+$

I’ve managed to get Linux installed and even used it a few times. It seems like it is just another OS.

I’m making money at this.

Emacs: E–

Emacs is just a fancy word processor.

Web: W++++

Three pluses is “ I am a WebMaster. Don’t even think about trying to view my homepage without the latest version of Netscape. When I’m not on my normal net connection, I surf the web using my Newton and a cellular modem. ” This is one stage beyond that.

Usenet: N

Usenet News? Sure, I read that once.

Kibo: K

I know who Kibo is.

Windows: w

Ok, so I use MS Windows. I don’t have to like it.

OS/2: O–

I can’t even get the thing to install!

Macintosh: M++

I am a Mac guru. Anything those DOS putzes and Unix nerds can do, I can do better, and if not, I’ll write the damn software to do it.


Unix is much better than VMS for my computing needs.

Politics-Social: PS+++

Legalize drugs! Abolish the government. “Fuck the draft!”

Politics-Economic: PE-

It’s ok to increase government spending, so we can help more poor people. Tax the rich! Cut the defense budget!

Cypherpunks: Y+

I have an interest and concern in privacy issues, but in reality I am not really all that active or vocal.


I have the most recent version and use it regularly

Trek: t+

It’s a damn fine TV show and is one of the only things good on television any more.

Babylon 5: 5+

Babylon 5 certainly presents a fresh perspective in the Sci-Fi universe. I watch it weekly.

X-Files: X

Ho hum. Just another Fox show.

Roleplaying: R++

There is no life outside the role of the die. I know all the piddly rules of (chosen game). MY own warped rules scare the rest of the players.

Television: tv

I watch only the shows that are actually worth while, such as those found on PBS.

Books: b+

I enjoy reading, but don’t get the time very often.

Dilbert: DI–

Don’t read it, but I think the dog is kinda cute.


It’s a fun, action game that is a nice diversion on a lazy afternoon.

Geek Code: G+

I was once G++ (or higher), but the new versions are getting too long and too complicated.

Education: e++/*

Got a bachelors degree
… and …
I learned everything there is to know about life from the “Hitchhiker’s Trilogy”.

Housing: h—

Married, (persons living romanticly with someone might as well label themselves h—, you’re as good as there already.)

Relationships: r++

I’ve dated my current SO for a long time.

Sex[?]: z?

It’s none of your business what my sex life is like.

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A traditional post – Geekcode 2016

A tradition doesn’t stop being a tradition just because it’s lost all relevance to the modern age. That’s what Christmas is all about!

And one I’ve got is that every couple of years I update my Geek Code. The Geek Code is an old and established tradition, a one line incomprehensible block of symbols that represents your opinions and state on many geek things that mattered in 1995 when it was last updated. As such, it’s missed an awful lot of pop-culture advancement, including the bit where the inclusive nature of geek culture took over the world, and then the toxic nature of it burned some of it down. There’s probably a better article about that, somewhere. Anyway, here on the first day of 2016, the traditional geek code block:

Version: 3.1
GCM$ d s+:+> a C+++(++++)$ ULS++++$ P- L++++$ E- W+++$@ N o+ K w+$ O- M+ V- PS++ PE-(--) Y++(+++)$ PGP+() t 5+ X R++* tv+ b+>++ DI---(++) D++ G++ e+ h--- r++ z? 

The rules:

  • Done with the most recent 3.1 release of the Geek Code
  • Phrasings are as I understand them as I take the quiz, and formatted according to my whim.
  • I don’t look at previous geek codes before taking the test again.

All the geekcodes, 1998 -> 2016 are here


  • It kind of amuses me how I reinterpret the “Dress” section every time, given that my general style hasn’t changed much.
  • My confidence in Computing & Unix varies over time.
  • That you can track down my addiction to Usenet as you can track up the things with “gets paid for this” ($) signifiers amuses me.
  • Watch my opinion of Dilbert do a ski-course impression, as the writer asserts his opinions more.
  • You can basically track my entire relationship history though the (r) column on this graph.
  • I care a lot about security now I’m being paid to.

In the beforetimes:

I’m going to try to resume the weekly posts thing. We’ll see how that goes.



Geekcode Inherits The Earth

New Years Day is a time of tradition, I think. One of mine is a bi-annual (Every two, not twice) update of my Geek Code. The Geek Code is a bit of novelty early internet memery. It’s a series of codes used to describe opinions and preferences about the user. It pre-dates the explosion of the Internet, so it’s mostly geared towards early 90s american tech-savant nerdery (The dedicated codes for Babylon 5 & X-Files are certainly showing their age). So you get things like this:

PGP++ , which translates to “PGP: I have the most recent version and use it regularly”

My geek code block for 2014 is as follows:

Version: 3.1
GCS$/GCA$/GPA d/+ s+:+ a C++++ UL++++ P+ L+++ E- W++++
N o+ K w+ O- M+++ V- PS++ PE Y+ PGP++ t 5+ X
R+/+++ tv/!tv b++ DI+ D++ G++ e+/* h— r++ y?

You can understand this with the aid of the key here.

Slightly more interesting is that since I’ve been doing this for 16 years now, you can see all 9 updates in sequence, seeing the increasing value of “a” as I get older, a full history of my relationship status and corresponding housing level, and the frankly bizarre alternating extremism of my opinion of EMACS. The rules (traditions have rules now) are that I don’t look at the previous year’s code while writing the new one, so it’s all my opinions at the time.

Anyway, mostly self-reflection.


Happy New Year

There’s a tradition where every couple of years I update my Geek Code. I’ve been doing this since 1998, and the Code has been getting steadily less in touch with modern geekery ever since, but it’s an interesting metric to measure my life by. So:

GCM/GCA/GPA     d+(-)   s+:+    a       C++++   US++    P-      L++     E---    W+++++  N+
o+      K       w       O--     M+      V-      PS++    PE      Y+      PGP++   t       5+
X-      R+      tv(--)  b+++    DI      D++     G++     e+      h-      r++     y?

If you want to compare it to years past, the whole load of them is up here, but there are a couple of trends I find interesting. Not only the slow growth of the W(ebmaster) section. I make a point of not looking up my previous codes while I’m making the new one, so occasionally I reevaluate my position on something accidentally. I get a documented disillusionment with the X-Files.

But the least obvious missing thing in the new code is a lack of dollar signs, which indicate things you get paid to do.

I’m no longer at Languagelab. It’s all amicable, but they don’t need me right now. So, as of around now I’m back on the job-hunting trail.

I started 2011 contracting as Istic.Networks, which is what I’m aiming to do now. A contract with Languagelab turned into a full time position, which ate my life for a while. During the summer I spent a lot of weekends at Larp events, starting a position as referee for Profound Decisions’ Odyssey campaign, which I enjoyed immensely and should have written up more. Work ramped up over the autumn, but nothing really changed much. I had a nice christmas, and spent a quiet New Years Eve watching Harry Potter movies with my girlfriend on the sofa, which was nice.

2011 started and ended without a regular source of income, which is worrying me a little, but wasn’t that bad a year on average. 2012 could bring some stability without me complaining too much, though.



M+ V- PS+ PE Y+ PGP t 5++ X R+ tv b+++ DI+ D++ G++ e+ h— r+>++ y?

Happy New Year.

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A decade of geek codes

Traditions are fun. Every two years for the past ten I’ve run though Robert Hayden’s Geek Code test (which hasn’t changed in that time). The rules are simple: I run it without looking at previous years tests. That’s it. I haven’t put it in this entry, because it’s slightly clearer as a text file

See my brief flirtation with Babylon 5 and X files! Watch as my dream of owning a mac comes true! Watch the ebb and flow of my housing situation! it’s like ten years of history in condensed form.

It’s a little scary.

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Geek Codes

Okay, scary “How long?!” thing coming up.

Today, following a tradition I started in 1998 with my first web page, I updated my Geek Code

You can see it, as well as the other updates down the years here

Watch as my age increases, my fervor decreases, and I care more about the X-Files.

Next time I update it? It’ll be ten years.


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As is traditional, at the begining of every even-numbered year I update my GeekCode. The new code is:

GCS$/PA d+(-) s+:+ a-- C+++ L++$ P+ E--- W+++$ N+++ o K w O- M>++ V- PS+ PE- Y+ PGP++ t+@ 5++ X R+ !tv b+++ DI++++ D++ G++ e+ h- r++ y?

As is just-as-traditional, since before Aquarionics existed, I’ve added it to the Codes Page, and in order to compare it more easily, six years of Geek Codes as a Text File

By which you can tell: I used to be a Librarian, but have given that up, am less computer orientated than I was, and have been meaning to learn perl properly since ’98.

Okay, it’s less interesting than dirt, but what else are you here for, Cat pictures?

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You must have seen them, Anytime a community decides it has enough members it creates a code that is un-identifiable as anything unless you feed it into a certain web page.

My collection is below

“Forget Quotes, Lets have some unidentifyable codes!”- anon, RIP

—– Begin Geekcode block ———–

1998: GCS/LS/PA d+(-) s+:+ a— C++++ U? P+ L !E W++ N+++ o? K- w+++++ O- M? V? PS+ PE++ Y+ PGP- t+ 5- X– R tv++ b++++ DI+++ D++ G e* h! r y?
2000: GCS/PA d+(-) s+:+ a– C++ L++ P+ E- W+++ N+++ o K w+ O- M- V- PS PE Y+ PGP+ t+ 5 X- R/+ !tv b++++ DI+++ D++ G++ e h+ r– y?
2002: GCM/GPA d+ s+:+ a– C+++ U+++ P+ L++ E- W+++ N++ o>++ K w+++ O- M V- PS+ PE- Y+ PGP++ t@ 5 X R tv b+++ DI++ D+ G++ e+ h r++ y?

2004: GCS$/PA d s+:+ a– C+++ L++$ P+ E— W+++$ N+++ o K w O- M>++ V- PS+ PE- Y+ PGP++ t+@ 5++ X R+ !tv b+++ DI++++ D++ G++ E+ h- r++ y?

2006: GCM/GCS d/+ s+:+ a- C+++ L++++ U++ P++ E- W+++ N+++ o K w O- M++ V- PE Y+ PGP++ t+ 5+++ X+ R++ tv b+++ DI++ D++ G++ e+ h+ r% y?

2008: GCM/GCA d+(-) s+:+ a- C+++ L++ P+ E— W++++$ N+ o++ K w O– M++$ V- PS++@ PE Y+ PGP++ t 5++ X- R++ tv b++ DI++ D++ G++ e+ h r- y?
—— End Geekcodeblock ————

—– Begin AFECodeblock ———–

<!– AFE dg- ka+ d++ m++ ot++ b+ tq- i++ c+ l afec++ a>++ f++ fsET –>
AFE dg+ ka+>- d+>++ m++ ot++ b+ tq- i++ c- l afec++ a++ f++ fsET

—— End AFECodeblock ————

—– Begin AFPCodeblock ———–

AFP Code 1.1a
1998: AC/APA-UK d+ s+:+ a– u+ R++ F++ h+ p- OS++:+++ C+++ M– pp— L+ c B+ Cn PT– Pu68+ 5 X– MT+++ E+ r++ y?
2000: AC/APA-UK d+ s+:+ a- U++ R++ F++++ h P- OSU–:++ C++++ M pp++ L+ Ia* W+ c++ B+ Cn-::+++ CC2000+ PT Pu50 5- X– MT+++ eV r>+ y?
2002: AC-UK d+ s+:+ a- UP++ R+ F++++ h P! OS:+ C+++ M pp+ L+ Ia** W+ c- B+ Cn-::++:+++ CC-:-:-:++:++ PT+ Pu41 5 X– MT+++ eV++ rp+++ y?
2006: AC d/+ s+:+ a- U+++ R+++ F++++ h P– OS+:+ C++ pp+ L+ I+ W+++ c++ B++ Cn+ CC+ PT+++ Pu? 5+++ X MT+++ e+/++ rp y?

—— End AFPCodeblock ————

—– Begin Gothcode ———–

21/09/01: uYiiba3qaZaaiaaabbaa34e$FSPZu_nZfvfibZab1aaaTb5c4Gca5iGaqmqmceaiaNc#B!blpk5aaarNbqiUGZHelaabaqgbKent

—— End Gothcode ————

—– Begin Britcode ———–

H—;– a– s++;++ hb- b- m- y X P- S- M++ R A- C— T— TV+ Ci Mu++ Am+ Ac— B+++ V-

—— End Britcode ————

—– Begin Legocode ———–

DU++(3) FS-(@20) FB?(0) HM-(0) BV-(0) TO++(5) BO-(1) TR+++(0>>>) PA?(0) SP+(3) CA++++(10) PI-(5) AQ–(2) MT?(0) TC++(3) MOC+(!) S LS– Hsu A– YB81m

—— End Legocode ————

—– Begin Magiccode ———–

MCH/O S+++ W++ N++ PCH/SG+ Ds !Dd !Dr A a C+ G- Q- 666– Y

—— End Magiccode ————

—– Begin Blogcode———–

2000: B7 d++ t++ k++ s u f i++ o++ x+ e+ l+ c–
2002: B8 d++ t++ k+ s u f i+ o++ x+ e+ l+ c–
2004: B9 d++ t++ k+ s+ u f i+ o++ x+ e l c–
2006: B9 d++ t++ k+ s u- f i+ o++ x+ e+ l c–

—— End Blogcode————

The Aquarionics CODE!

AQ- = I do not have an Aquarionics code
AQ+ = I Do have an Aquarionics code and this is it.
AQ? = What the hell is an Aquarionics code anyway?