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As you see below, the preview happened, and the reviews are in. Direct Hit. The play went down like… well… something that goes down Very Well Indeed. Project over. I shall never have to channel Robbie again.

I probably will though, see the next entry for an insight into both Me and Robbie (It’s on my Windows drive atm, and I can’t be bothered to go get it :-D)

I’ve spent the last couple of days going over the next project: PHP/mySQL. I have the book, and the programs are installing as I type (Also Netscape, so I can’t actually post any of this until the download finishes). This project hits three stages, the first is a data-driven interface to the world of Aquarionics, so instead of fifteen differant pages it will be spoo’d forth from a single database.

This, however, is going to involve me moving hosts. Over the next few months sometime, Aquarionics will go down so I can move across. This is going to cause mass-disruptions across the entire world of Aquarionics, including all @aquarionics.com addresses, mailinglists and sites. This Is Bad. But it will be as quick and painless as possible. Promise.
But first I have to learn the language, and not least write and test the system, so it may not be a while.

In Other News, Terra Incognita, the ezine that is rising from the ashes of the Sunderland Scifi Soc. brings it’s first edition into the world on Sunday 1st April 2001. Be warned, there be dragons.

There are two more projects under the “Nick Learning mySQL” umberella, as well as “Nick Finding a Real Job”, but I’m keeping those under wraps for a bit, because they will probably go titsup.com when I realise how hard it is 😀

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