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I think I just created a new mask, Something I swore not to do ever again.

About three years ago, I had a personality crisis, when I was pretending to be three differant people to three seperate groups, and I lost track of the person doing the pretending, Since then I centralised, and managed my Masques – if you like – to stop me going insane.

The masques I use vary from Aquarion, the quick-witted, incorragible punster most of the Internet know and hate; to Nick, the helpful guy of infinate patience that you will encounter if I ever go into Lecturer Mode; though Robbie, the latest incarnation.

Robbie is the person I play in Stags and Hens. I had a lot of trouble with him at first, because he is a Ladies Man, a rogue, one of those bastards you see with a girl on each arm. Then I read Lonecat’s piece on Masks, and it started to fall into place, Robbie’s confidence was just another mask, but a mask on top of what? I solved that, but then managed to fit the mask to Me as well.

The population will never meet Robbie, because Robbie is only ever seen at nightclubs. Todays expericnce of being dressed in full 70’s gear in a nightclub, and the comments it gathered, gave me a great chance to learn Robbie as a person, and how he reacts. (All the comments I got were positive. Pictures soonish. Promise). And although it gives me an extra thing to hide in if I need the confidence, Robbie’s Brashness will probably get me into trouble…

Plume Returns from the brink

I’m *really* bad at making phone-calls, so when I actually got my act together to phone people to make sure they were still a) alive, and b) thriving, it is always nice to hear that they are doing both. Long may it continue, and may the summer bring Much Goodness, and may the Easter bring much drinking… 😀


My arm hurts, and I don’t know why. I cannot use my elbow for anything more strenuous than typing, because I get a shot of pain what cripples me for a couple of seconds. I think I must have slept on it wrong or something…

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From aquarion-at-gkhs.net Sun Nov 03 17:03:02 2002 Return-path: <aquarion-at-gkhs.net> Envelope-to: aquarion-at-gkhs.net Delivery-date: Sun, 03 Nov 2002 17:03:02 +0000…