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Just got back from a meet. Nothing really major happened, as far as I was concerned. Went to the pub, was vommish with Lonecat, Hugged, was hugged, crashed at Barry’s, Watched Blazing Saddles, Slept, ate breakfast, talked, watched Lord Of The Rings, went home.

And then the aftermath 🙂

Okay, First, LOTR. LOTR is a Good Film. (Here be spoilers for the film, all spoilers are in (Brackets) and are coloured white. To see them, highlight them. They cut out bits I’d have left in (They brushed slightly quickly over “who is Balin” and also the elves bit. Legolas was a bit flat, as was Gimli) Although some of this was – apparently – left out on the cutting room floor. Some people were just *wrong* (Elrond wasn’t fun enough, Bilbo looked too old at the beginning, Frodo is too young) but my biggest problem is that they appear to have left out all the /fun/ from the books. The books have graceful poetry, songs, laughs, running *jokes* ffs, and they’ve managed to turn the entire thing into flat, Frodo attacked after Frodo attacked scenes. This Isn’t Right.

I’d agree with much of what moth said, the entire sense of ‘fun’ of the books has been lost. One of my favourite scenes in the books (Gimli, his hatred of orc’s, and the Blindfold scene) has been skipped. Yes, the names of some things sound Welsh. This is because they are from another language. Notice that not *all* the people say them the same, but people who know (Gandalf, Elrond, Aragon) do. And “Morrredorrrr” (With rolled r’s) is *exactly* how Tolkien pronounced it. I know, I have him reading the poems on CD.

And how could they cut the poems! yeash!

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