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Saturday we had a barbeque. People came around, we played games, we ate home made burgers, nice sausages and barbequed bananas. We dragged people though the streets of Letchworth, forcing them against their will to buy sweets from the World’s Nicest Sweetshop. Truely, we are bad people.

Today, being Sunday, I rose late (10 am being late to my commuter-bound sleep patterns), put some classical music on the stereo, read comics, drank black coffee with cinnamon bark in it, and genrerally did very little. Later, I watched the DVD of the Divine Comedy Concert that Mal sent me, read more comics ccooke pimped at me, and drank tea.

I’ve hit a stumbling block on my currently swapped in project (Which is still Cantrip. I’d hoped to release AqWiki before I got distracted by something else, but anyway) in the templating system I’m using (SimpleTAL) doesn’t appear to be able to return the resulting document as anything other than a file handle, which seems a little strange to me. I’ve fired off an email to the mailing list to ask, but it may be because I’m still thinking in PHP or something.

Answers on a postcard please…

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