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Right now, I’m really fed up with banks. Also with subcontractors, and with railways. The third is a standard complaint, the first and second I can’t talk about.

Currently, the major focus is Process. This means I’m moving stuff away from the AOLServer over Win2k at work, and onto Gabriel, the freshly installed debian box running apache. I’m moving our issue tracking from sending emails and into Bugzilla, and I’m moving our wiki away from wikit (Written in TCL, for which I prejustise against it) and into AqWiki – which now has calendar and search features, and will thus suffer a proper release soon.

Writing. AqWiki was built so I could create an encyclopaedia of my fictional worlds, and do the outline. This has worked, and the fact that most of the previous writing on it has now gone down the tube (Thanks to my hard-drive crash) is probably a good thing, as it means I start again with the new people.

On that note, I’m looking for a new bank. One that doesn’t charge me for a) going overdrawn, b) being overdrawn, and then c) remaining overdrawn for ten minutes.

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