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Proper update now, then 🙂

I’ve spent the last few days learning CVS, which is fun. The whole of the K3 engine (Klind/Klide/Kewl) is now CVS based, which should make life easier. I’ve also started a new project, Nomical to make a PHP-based system for playing Nomic.

This is distraction therory, obviously. I went to Bath last weekend, which was – as always – wonderful, we did stuff, saw Harry Potter with more members of AFP (It is, as Moth says, mostly excellent) and then I came home again with a new Hub and NIC (And mad-props go to Pol for being so great as to give me both of those plus the lift down there).

The Lack of NSD is my fault. I haven’t yet gotten around to giving Lonecat FTP access to the Pareidol system that runs it, so I have to do all the uploading, and my Hard-Drive is not working properly, which is, to coin a phrase, a major bugger.

More new projects ahoy, I’m writing a system to create a new interface to the IMDB (Pol, you are evil for telling me that the datafiles were availible free), working on Klind 1.5, Afphrid 2, Pareidol 1.5, and the Vulpordb, since my ability to do anything non-coding is being hampered by my complete lack of a working windows drive.

No games, No graphics, no Word and ergo no CV, so no progress. This, I realise, is distraction therory, but I’m on the verge of losing 20gig of data here, and I’d really prefer not.

My HDD is dying. If you launch it into windows, the activity blinkenlighten stops blinkening and just becomes lighten, with no audiable disk churning. I can get at all the required data from Linux, but windows takes over 70 minutes to boot up even if it doesn’t crash. If I leave the ‘pooter off for a few hours, it will work for about a half-hour (Not long enough to do anything with the HDD) and then crash. In windows. Under Linux everything is fine, except, obviously, the fact I can’t run any of the games or stuff I use. So I’ve had to order a new HDD. And Civilization III.

The obviousness of the second part of that sentance may not be /quite/ so obvious to those who are not me, or in fact those who *are* me yet are not currently sharing this meatspace. I will own CivIII. It was only a matter of time before my willpower failed to stop me buying. In this case my willpower crumbled under the twin attacks of:

  1. Spending
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