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D’you know what the worst of this is?

I started writing again.

The last thing I actually wrote was Emma, which was in May. Since then I haven’t written anything more than a post here or a usenet post. My inspiration, never entirely flowing easily, dried up and deserted me. Since then I’ve been thinking, and I finally worked out the next story. It’s epic, funny, and will be fun to write, I have the first forty or so chapters planned out, a beginning, a middle, and an end. I could start writing.

I did. I wrote the start of a story that isn’t part of the canon, but involves some of the same characters and places. About a thousand words or so, I think, whilst sitting in bed late thursday night. After I readed the end of that thread, I shut down the laptop and went to sleep. Or didn’t, because I was awake most of the night with my thrice damned wrists. (It started off in my dreams, because I can remember dreaming that I was trying to surf the web, and every time I went near a certian page, or section, my wrist started hurting. I slowly drifted into consciousness, still thinking I was dreaming, because my wrist hurt on the inside, and therefore this had to be dream logic.

It wasn’t, obviously.

So, I have my shiny new desk (Shiny it be), My even more shiny new keyboard (Which is not only shiny, but also blue) to go with my shiny new computer (Over the break, I managed to upgrade my computer to a 1800+XP Athlon, 256mb DDR ram, Geforce 4. By the time I did all this, it became basically a new computer, so I called it Maelstrom) which plays Battlefield 1942 very nicely, thankyou very much, and also the Blackadder complete boxed set. This is how I have been spending my holidays. Note, the computer and the dvds were sort of budgeted for. The KB and desk were not. Lucky I go back to work on Monday, really, isn’t it?

For go back I do, back to graphic design at IDL, in fact, which will be fun. Next month, Buffy boxed set, a kinesis KB (as various people recomended, Thank you all) and an attempt to save some money.

On top of this, LoneCat is ill, so I’m also doing supportive-boyfriend-things, which is fun.

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