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…and at some point I will.

Ye gods I’ve had fun this week and a half, Spending days in London, going home for a couple of days, and then going to The Eosian Counsil 5 for four days. *sigh* I feel lucky, I feel calm, and I am – for the first time in a while – happy.

Or I would be. The downer of the whole Sunderland thing hit me very hard, although I almost expected it. I’m not allowed to get things right, it wouldn’t be fair.

There is another thing, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

Home to Station, Paddock Wood to Charing Cross, ChX to Euston, LE to Milton Keynes, MK to Bradwell Youth Hostel.

I went to tEC5. This is almost all that needs to be said here about that for the time being. A subsite will appear in a bit with meet reports etc, but right now I can just say that it was *fun*. From the drinking, to the M*o (Which I won’t explain), Blockbusters, the Music Quiz, The Trivia Quiz, Forfits, *especially* the Pictionary, everything I was doing Master of Ceremony stuff for (Very much like Cat Herding, but in a good way) and being told I should present a Game Show somewhere.

Not sure about that one, but hey.

Catching up with people I haven’t seen for months, Gifts of Vodka (Thanks Sarabian), Free Vodka (Thanks Aquarius), The Sweepstake on Ce`’s number of outfit changes (Well, no. But almost. Maybe next year), The lack of sleep, Drinking, Singing, Doing both together, Wandering around Milton Keynes looking for a supermarket, Wandering around the country looking for Milton Keynes, Preparing for the next meet, Late night card-games that disturb the nature and causality of the universe, Mutant soft-toys.

And I didn’t even get drunk, although I *was* drinking. This is normally more fun, since you tend to remember what’s happening more often.

Oh, and kissing Aquarius, but that goes without saying.

B-YHA -> MK Station -> Euston -> London Bridge -> Paddock Wood -> Home -> Bed.

And then I catch up with the real world, and it’s… It’s… *sigh*

One by one then…

People who I’m trying to be there for needed me over the weekend, and I was out having fun. *guilt*, although I did phone, which apparently pleased people 🙂

Breaking up is hard to do. From *both* sides, and I can never say “This is right, Do this” because it is never my decision to make (Including when I’m involved, but my inability to get out of relationships I shouldn’t be in has been previously discussed here), And so I can only ever offer *hugs*, and support, and be someone to talk to if it’s ever needed.

(…#I’m a Bad Ambasador,
For that elusive place you’re searching for,
I want to show you so much more,
but maybe some other time…)

But the fair has come to Paddock Wood (Photos soonish), So it looks like I should get the Scrabble Club together for a funfilled night of rides and catchup.

But I said that last year.

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