Dark Light

As he closed his eyes, he felt the world drop away. Existance span away into nothingness, a single pin-prick of light that contained all the was, all that would be, all that could be, all that never did, until that too vanished, and darkness consumed him. He reached back, flashback, the weeks, the silence, the kiss. The movie show, the stupid drinking game that had nearly killed them both, the complete and total happiness in each other’s company. He remembered every minute, even those he thought he’d lost, the sofa, the flat, and the complete satisfaction in knowing that here was the person he was going to spend the rest of his life with.

But nothing lasts, and the words this morning left him a hollow shell, a distant shadow of what he once was.

It’s over. I’ve met someone else.

And he lay back once again, and tryed to recapture the joy he’d known

Preferably without crying


(TTFN, peeps. Back monday)

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