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Durham was fun 🙂

Lonecat gave me a tour of Durham yesterday, which was cool, we listened to portions of each others MP3 collection, and now I have more more Weird Al stuff then I knew existed last week, and discussions of stories, of Universities, and of towels. A exceptionally nice day, and I really wish I’d done it before now, so I’d have time to do it again

Also that I’d got into Durham. But that’s a What If… trail I wish to avoid.

Designs? Oh yes, my several hour quest to get that little bar at the top working consistantly. It was working within five minutes, then it stopped. So I continued to play with things for two hours to get it working again, before realising that the very act of getting it working had changed what I had to do…

That doesn’t make sense, don’t worry about it. Just know that my hatred of CSS now knows no bounds

Oh yes, the final entry, Desire

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