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I’d like to say that the reason for no diary entry yesterday was the above. It isn’t.

In a truly epic coding session, which began at approximatly 2pm yesterday (An hour after I got up) and ended at half past six this morning, I have created the starting point for Aquarionics2 (Writen, as has been pointed out before, in MySQL and PHP. I started out not knowing anything about PHP, and as of right now I have a detailed user system, the basics of the new dynamic portal, and… well, thats about it.

In a slight case of going-off-at-a-tangent, Aquarionics2 has a User system, despite the fact that only I update it. This is Silly, but fun. There is a test version running, however it’s on this computer here, and so is only availible while I’m online. If you want a look, catch me on IRC, and I’ll give you a temporary user name.

I can’t go to the Durham Auditions. This is Bad. I will be going home on Saturday instead. This is Good.

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